Danielle Park Says Work Hard and Save–03-07-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

The ever venerable Danielle Park joined us again today, 3/7/2012, to talk about the eroding rule of law and what it means to working people around the globe. While the future may always be uncertain, especially in these tumultuous times, there are many reasons to be hopeful and grateful that the super-trends of the past 30 years are ending. While growth may be slowing down around the world, the debt illusion has been popped. People are no longer rushing headlong into over leveraging their futures. We may once again become a nation of workers and savers, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

In the meantime, don’t go looking for justice in all the wrong places. Don’t you believe the medial slop-line that happy days are here again. It didn’t work that way in the Great Depression, and it sure isn’t working very well now. The debt stream-roller must run its course, and the key is to not allow yourself to be flattened. The problem with spending like there’s no tomorrow is that there might be one, and soon. Then what are you going to do? Danielle give you her advice on that topic and more.

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