Chris Duane Says Don’t Sell Your Silver–01-26-2012

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Chris is selling his living and dining room furniture, and he’s buying silver. He started buying years ago, but now he’s arbitraging the furniture; selling the old stuff for cash, using the cash to invest in silver, and buying new stuff on interest-free credit with small payments. While we can’t, in good faith, recommend this move to investors, it does open up limitless possibilities. Perhaps stripping the copper out of your home’s walls, selling it for scrap and putting it into gold and silver makes sense. Or, stripping your auto for parts–most cars are worth more dead than alive–and selling them off.

You get the point, you’re sitting on items that you’re not using or don’t want. Those items could be sold for cash, with the proceeds invested in silver or gold. Look around your home! Whether it’s tools, clothes, or furniture, go on eBay or CraigsList and get rid of them now. Take the cash you get and put it to work for you. We all have vast resources that we are not aware or conscious of. The time to become aware is now.

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