Ayn Rand’s Don Watkins On Finding A Way Out of the Entitlement Tarpit–03-15-2015

from FinancialSurvivalNet:

Don Watkins and I discuss the unsustainable state of America’s Entitlement Society. It is clear that the system is going to collapse; we are certainly at the height of corruption when half the population is allowed to live at the expense of the other half. The geometric growth in entitlement programs and expenditures is also mathematically unsustainable. Therefore, people need to be educated about entitlements, which actually make society more poor and ensure a lower standard of living for everyone.

The alternative to enlightening and raising the population’s consciousness will be far worse than ending entitlements programs. While there is certainly a core of individuals who physically or mentally cannot participate in society, the extra wealth created by the elimination of the parasitic class would more than make up for the loss of entitlements. Before the advent of leviathan government, who’s sole purpose was to take care of an ever increasing portion of the populace thereby insuring it’s own perpetuation, it used to work this way in America.