These Safe Wealth-Creation Habits Can Secure Your American Dream

by Teeka Tiwari
Casey Research

I made my first big haul in the early 1990s, buying beaten-down junk bonds.

I was 19, and before the year was out, my junk bond play would make me over $250,000. That’s about half a million dollars in today’s money. The year before, I had made just $8,000.

That began a wild ride of money-making that had me earning $54,000 in one day by the time I was 22.

When the mid-1990s rolled around, I was making money hand-over-fist in technology stocks. I was young and making a fortune while living my American Dream. I would love to tell you I embraced my success with calm and sober-minded maturity.

I didn’t. I let the money make me an arrogant jackass.

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