American Businesses Can Be Woke, or They Can Be the Best, but They Can’t Be Both

by William Sullivan
American Thinker

“DE&I” (shorthand for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,”) is a handy acronym that has become commonplace in corporate America. As recently as last May some of the hucksters peddling it were lamenting that the COVID-19 pandemic had “stalled” corporate DE&I initiatives; their fortunes reversed when the death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots drove DE&I to the top of American corporations’ list of priorities.

DE&I initiatives are being pitched as “the efforts an institution takes to create a more welcoming environment for people of less privileged identities.” But everyone knows what it really means: the company will be hiring fewer white men, more women and minorities.

There are several problems with this corporate trend, not least of which is the explicit text of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which suggests that such a predication for hiring employees is discriminatory and entirely illegal.

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