Statistician: Lockdowns Don’t Work Because They Force People to Congregate in Fewer Places

“Lockdowns are merely forced gatherings.”

by Paul Joseph Watson
Info Wars

Author and statistician William M. Briggs argues that lockdowns don’t work because they force people to gather in fewer places like supermarkets and therefore spread viruses faster than if people were allowed to spread out.

Writing for, Briggs states, “A lockdown will spread this bug faster than allowing people to remain at liberty.”

The author notes that a lockdown is not the same as a quarantine. Under lockdown, people only have a limited selection of venues at which they are allowed to gather, meaning those locations are busier and therefore make a virus more transmissible.

“Lockdowns are merely forced gatherings,” writes Briggs. “People in lockdown are allowed to venture forth from their dwellings to do “essential” activities, like spending money at oligarch-run stores. These stores are collection points, where people are concentrated. Some are allowed to go to jobs, such as supporting oligarch-run stores.”

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