Black Swans, Ordinary Swans, and Metals

by Gary Christenson
Miles Franklin


Expect more of the same for 2021 – massive debt, central bank “printing,” and dollar devaluation, while consumer prices and inflation rise.

Gold and silver have been insurance and protection for thousands of years. They will shine in 2021.

Regression to the mean suggests lower prices for stocks and higher prices for commodities.

Breaking News:

– Gold rose $12 to $1,895 for the week ended December 31, 2020.

– Silver rose $0.51 to $26.33.

– As usual, the DOW rose to another all-time high on December 31.

– Tesla stock, already in the stratosphere, closed at $705 on Dec. 31. It sold for $71 in March 2020. What bubble?

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