Where’s the Kraken? Where’s the Storm?

by Brian C. Joondeph
American Thinker

When Attorney Sidney Powell a few weeks ago said, “Release the Kraken,” it wasn’t clear if she was referring to the mythical creature with multiple arms and heads or a secret military counterintelligence unit that may have real time evidence of electoral fraud. Either way it hinted at big things ahead.

Before the Kraken it was “The Storm.” We have been in the “calm before the storm” for most of President Trump’s first term. We are told “pain is coming” and that “it will be Biblical.” The only pain is waiting in anticipation for the pony under the Christmas tree that never seems to arrive.

Perhaps “nothing can stop what is coming,” as the mysterious military intelligence insider assures us, but to most observers the only thing coming is the end of the American experiment, a fraudulent and stolen election cheered on by a corrupt and complicit media and ignored by a feckless Republican establishment.

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