The Next Line of Fraud and Death: Covid Vaccine

by Karl Denninger

No, the title is not to state that the vaccine is a fraud. Nor does it state that the vaccine will kill you. It is, however to state that the claims made for it are unsupported by science at this point and thus are frauds and that the process by which the EUA was issued was a prima-facia fraud and direct violation of existing law.

The very trial documents and endpoints say so themselves; all they demonstrated is alleged prevention of symptomatic disease. Unfortunately nobody cares if they cough; people care if they die. The trials do not provide any scientifically-defensible evidence of preventing death because the samples and time frames involved are insufficient to do so. In short we simply do not know and won’t know on a scientifically-defensible basis for a year or more.

Further the EUA was issued under fraudulent pretense by intentional and direct suppression of this document in consideration of said EUA and its adoption on a widespread basis along with the science behind it.

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