The Nasty Street Fight Ahead for 2020: This is Why We Elected Trump

by C. Edmund Wright
American Thinker

Ironic, isn’t it? This could be Trump’s finest hour.

As befits the already awful year of Our Lord, 2020, the presidential election is going to come down to a nasty street fight of lawyers, public relations spin, and positioning involving four states. Donald Trump has won all four, and now he must successfully defend all four wins from the very mail-in shenanigans he (and all of us) predicted would happen months ago. This is flesh and blood people versus theoretical pieces of mail. The people must win this.

Like many, as I was transitioning from supporting Ted Cruz in the summer of 2016 to making peace with supporting Donald Trump, the main comfort I had was that Trump was a fighter, one who seemed fearless, and one who talked like a real guy instead of a political drone. Then there is the “it” factor that Trump has, a once in a lifetime gift upon the political scene. The brilliant Cruz was admittedly a bit weak on all of that. Okay, more than a bit.

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