Fox News’ Janice Dean is Continuing to Fight After Cuomo’s Disastrous Nursing Home Mandate

by Shelby Talcott

Fox News’ senior meteorologist Janice Dean spoke to the Daily Caller about Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who issued a nursing home COVID-19 order that she says resulted in the death of both her in-laws.

Dean lost her in-laws after Cuomo’s March 25 order requiring nursing homes to accept positive COVID-19 patients. The Democratic governor reversed his order in May and publicly acknowledged about 6,500 deaths – but has since repeatedly placed the blame on others.

Since the deaths, Dean has been outspoken against Cuomo and the mandate, often calling for more transparency because New York’s nursing home numbers do not include those who contracted COVID-19 inside a home but died elsewhere. She told the Caller that she wants to make sure no family has to go through what her family did ever again.

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