Disenfranchising the Nonexistent and Illegal Voters

by Clarice Feldman
American Thinker

A few days ago, I forwarded a note about the proposed joint resolutions of the Pennsylvania legislators to refuse to certify the results of a patently fraudulent election. I got a response which certainly anticipates the Democrats’ talking points: “Disenfranchising voters is not what conservatives do.”

Of course not. It’s what Democrats do by diluting their votes time and again with illegal and nonexistent voters. Refusing to recognize fraud by removing such votes from the tally at certification time is what conservatives should do. To fail to do so is to ensure that we will never have free, honest elections again and legal voters voting in accord with relevant laws will be disenfranchised while illegal and nonexistent voters will win. Scott Adams observes correctly that when people lose confidence in the regularity of elections, the orderly respect for government and the willingness to comply with it will end. To fail to do so, as well, means the legislatures in these states will have gelded themselves by refusing to enforce their prerogatives under the law. In the meantime, while state legislatures ponder their responsibilities, a large number of election challenges are being litigated around the country. Here are the most significant ones.

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