Attorney Lin Wood Files Suit to Declare Entire Georgia Election in 2020 Null and Void

by JD Heyes
DC Clothesline

(Natural News) Donald Trump is hanging on to his reelection chances by a thread after the thoroughly corrupt ‘mainstream media’ prematurely declared Democratic rival Joe Biden the ‘president-elect’ in what is clearly the latest coup attempt against a president who has done more good for our country than the last three presidents combined.

But because he is not a swamp rat and is a legitimate outsider, he is never going to be welcome in a government apparatus that has become so corrupt and so aloof from “We the People” that the ‘checks and balances’ enacted by our founders to prevent this sort of runaway situation are no longer functional.

As such, the people will have to come to the president’s aid and defend him as he fights to defend us and what remains of our republic and its election integrity.

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