Trump, Trump, Trump, Covid, Covid, Covid, Gold, Gold, Gold with John Rubino (He’s Back!)

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back… Lockdown and apoclyptic fires in the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Seattle is a wasteland. The only people on the street are homeless. The last thing you want is a sick president in the tail end of the election season. Would have been nice to see it play out “normally.” Supreme Court nominee in flux? Even if Trump loses he’ll still be a highly consequential president, with three conservative appointees. If Biden wins and democrats get the senate will they pack the court? Will they dump the filibuster? October surprise yet to come or has it come and gone? Trump appears to have lost weight. Supposedly he’ll be discharged shortly. Fund managers start going into gold. Right now it’s a trickle but it could turn into a flood of money chasing a relatively small market and then it’s Katie bar the doors. Congressional Stimulus coming soon. Politically good to give out money to people, but not so much to Blue cities and states.

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