NYU Students Suspended for Going to Party Before School Year Started Sue the School

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

Students at New York University have sued the school for suspending them over a picture that shows them at a party, which took place before the school year, without masks.

How we got here: The school suspended Elnaz “Elle” Pourasgari, Marc Santonocito, and Ashley Storino after reportedly receiving an anonymous tip that there were social media posts of the three students at a party where they did not wear masks or follow social distancing guidelines, the New York Post reported.

The students filed a lawsuit against New York University in September. They claimed they were not breaking any rules as they only spent time with a “bubble” of friends. The students also said the event took place at an apartment that wasn’t on campus grounds and happened on August 14, before the school semester began.

Their lawyer, Karen Edler, argued that the school has no evidence that her clients put anyone in danger and that the students never contracted the coronavirus. She said they were all tested before the start of the school year.

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