USA Today Fact-Checks Satire Article From the Babylon Bee

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

USA Today fact-checked The Babylon Bee this week and unsurprisingly found that what was an obviously satirical article about late Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg was, in fact, not true.

The story: Last week, The Babylon Bee published a satirical story that took a jab at the 9th Circuit of Appeals. The article said that the court has overturned Ginsburg’s death “and will block Trump from nominating a replacement.”

The Babylon Bee credited judge Kim McLane Wardlaw with the ruling, who, according to the piece, said: “Death, at its core, is a construct designed to subvert the rule of law by taking pro-choice liberal judges away from us too soon. We cannot allow Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death to stand. By law, she will now be considered to be still alive.”

“We will block any attempt until we figure out a way to resurrect her or maybe clone her and restore her to her already ‘legally alive’ state. We’re still figuring that part out.”

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