The New York Times Edits Claim at the Center of 1619 Project

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

The New York Times has quietly removed the central claim of the 1619 Project that the year 1619 was the “true founding” of America.

The story: Phil Magness, a historian, examined old cached versions of the 1619 Project description on the New York Times’ website and discovered that the paper deleted the line “understanding 1619 as our true founding.” According to Magness, the change appears to have been made sometime in December 2019.

[…] Worth noting: The “true founding” claim was the core element of the Project’s argument that all of American history is defined by racism and slavery and that these two notions are what made America great today. The project even asserted that the American Revolution was fought mainly to preserve slavery.

Many publications that have written stories about the 1619 project have quoted the Times’ description of it, including the now-deleted phrase “understanding 1619 as our true founding.”

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