Still Beating the Competition: The Lowest Silver Eagle Prices vs Top Online Dealers

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

With falling silver prices, comes lower premiums for Silver Eagles. However, most precious metals online dealers are still charging $6 or more premiums for 2020 Silver Eagles. This morning, Dan at Cloud Hard Assets emailed me that they lowered their premiums on 2020 Silver Eagles to only $4.50 over spot, while random Silver Eagles are selling at $4.20 over spot.

What I found quite interesting is that one dealer is advertising a SALE on 2020 Silver Eagles (any number) at $5.99 over spot. The best price I found is from one of the dealers below that is only charging $5.61 over spot, but you have to purchase between 500-1499 Silver Eagles. Still, that is $1.11 higher than the $4.50 that Cloud Hard Assets is charging.

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