Oregon Catches Arsonist in the Act, Lets Him Out, Surprised to Find He Sets New Fires

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

There’s stupid, there’s pig-stupid, and there’s Oregon.

That’s the astonishing picture we have here where a suspect, Domingo Lopez, Jr., 45, who had been arrested just 12 hours earlier for setting fires, got somehow let out and proceeded to commit to more arson, with the Antifa weapon of choice, the Molotov cocktail, as if that couldn’t be foreseen. The second time around, he set six fires.

Who needs global warming with guys like this?

The big fail here was from the justice system, which let the known firebug, freshly caught in the act, out and about. Obviously, there’s something going on with this. How could anyone in authority be this stupid?

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