Losing Hope? Focus on Gaining Life Instead.

As our “leaders” fail us, we can seize control of our own destiny

by Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

For over a decade now, my job has been alerting people — the aware few who will listen — to the massive changes ahead. Many of which are now underway.

Covid-19 has brought these changes to the forefront, serving as an accelerant for many of them.

For instance, the wealth gap was large before Covid, but now it’s massively larger. That’s thanks to the issuance of $trillions in newly-created stimulus by the global central banking cartel (led by the US Federal Reserve).

Rising global temperatures, already well underway, have been goosed this year by the absence of airlines’ vapor trails. These trails had served to bounce a lot of heat back into space as the sun’s rays reflected off of them. But with air travel largely absent, surface heat is now setting records.

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