Get Ready! Here’s Why Resilience is More Important Than Ever.

If We Don’t Get Our Story Right, Things Will Only Get Worse

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

After 8 months of reporting only on the coronavirus pandemic, it’s high time to pivot and look at the other major trends that will shape the next several decades of our lives, as many of them will have just as much impact — or more — than covid-19.

In this video, Chris makes the argument for pursuing *resilience* vs growth — both in our individual lives as well as a society.

The blind pursuit of ever more “growth” is not only mathematically illogical, but it’s destroying our future as a species. We need to find better ways to live within our economic, energetic and ecological means.

The good news is there are many, many great models that exist today for doing so. We just need to decide to embrace them, and discard the current ones that aren’t serving our interests.

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