Former Professor Sues After College Allegedly Told Her They Couldn’t ‘Hire Another White Woman from the Midwest with a Husband’

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

A former Ohio college professor has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Oberlin College alleging the school discriminated against her by denying her tenure at the university due to her race.

The story: Alice Blumenfeld, a dance professor from Huron, claims in the suit the university, where she worked as a temporary assistant professor from 2018 until June 2020, denied her a position as an assistant professor due to her skin color, sexual orientation, and marital status, among other reasons.

The lawsuit cites a July 7, 2019, meeting between Blumenfeld and Ann Cooper Albright, Oberlin’s chair of the dance department, where Albright allegedly told her that “we can’t just hire another white woman from the Midwest with a husband.”

“Ms. Albright, acting individually and in her capacity as chair of Oberlin’s Dance Department, effectively rejected Ms. Blumenfeld for the new tenure-track position, not because of her accomplishments, her skill, her experiences, her work ethic, or her individual and personal qualities, but instead, because of her race, the color of her skin, her sex, her sexual orientation, her national origin, and her ancestry,” reads the lawsuit, according to a report by Ohio’s Morning Journal.

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