The Great Silver Crisis is Coming – David Morgan with Greg Hunter

David Morgan – 1980 $50 Silver Equals $600 Today

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan says, “There is a lot of buying pressure in the silver market right now and for gold as well.” Morgan points out that even more buying pressure from the industrial side of the market could catapult demand and price. Morgan says, “We are probably entering into what I call ‘The Great Silver Crisis.’ ‘The Great Silver Crisis’ really is verified when the commercial bar category is bought for industrial use, and they panic. So, when Apple says we can’t make the 5G phone because it’s going to take silver and it’s on back order, and it will take two months to get it, they’ll have to shut down the production line. That spills over into the electric vehicle market and spills over into a lot of electronic manufacturing. When that happens, the industrial side, which is 60% of the market, panics into buying silver and has to warehouse it because they are afraid they are going to run out because without silver, it would put them out of business. That would be ‘The Great Silver Crisis’. . . . We are not that close yet, but we are getting closer.”

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