The Elite Grand Conspiracy or the Energy Cliff: Which One Should You Be More Worried About?

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

Conspiracy theories, especially lousy ones, grab the attention of a lot of people. So, if you want to acquire a lot of followers while making a nice buck doing so, then it pays to continue regurgitating the “GRAND CONSPIRACY” mantra. I see this everywhere in the Alt-Media. And, it doesn’t matter if facts are provided that disproves one of these lousy conspiracy theories, people rather believe in a GREAT SOUNDING LIE than deal with the TRUTH.

This is the subject matter of my article today. So, I am going to point out the difference, as I see it, between the “Great Grand Elite Conspiracy & The Energy Cliff.” So, when I mention the term “ENERGY CLIFF,” the chart below should clarify any doubts or questions.

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