Media Alarmism is Making it Difficult to Assess School Reopening

Kids do not catch or spread or suffer from coronavirus at the same rate as adults, no matter what your newspaper is telling you this week.

by Matt Welch

A headline Monday afternoon in The New York Times’ “Coronavirus Briefing” email newsletter snapped my head to attention, and not just because of the old-timey classic rock pun: “The kids are not all right.”

Like tens of millions of parents in this country, I have school-aged offspring and a non-insignificant amount of anxiety over just how they will be spending their time (and mine) a month from now. If, as the Times asserted in the first sentence of its write-up, “new research [is] reflecting just how vulnerable children can be to the coronavirus,” that could significantly alter my family’s decision-making process. I need to use this news.

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