“I Have a Right to Make Sure That My Home is Secure”: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defends Ban on Protesters on HER Block

[Ed. Note: The lack of self-awareness is just amazing at times. So, to be clear… YOU do NOT have a right to make sure that YOUR home is secure… apparently.]

from Zero Hedge

In the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, protests erupted across dozens of cities in California with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets, and despite the raging coronavirus pandemic they were cheered on loudly by the state’s liberal elite with some of the most prominent Hollywood actors taking daily turns to voice their support for the protesters while condemning anyone who did not side with the BLM movement, even when so frequently it devolved into violent rioting and looting of innocent bystanders. All of that abruptly ended, however, when BLM invaded Beverly Hills chanting “eat the rich.” That’s when the police quickly showed up and immediately cleared out all the protesters.

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