Can the 2020s Repeat the 1920s?

by Brian Maher
Daily Reckoning

Put aside the present horrors and consider this question: Could the 2020s roar as the 1920s roared?

Money man Ed Yardeni believes they may:

We live in interesting, though not unprecedented, times. The Roaring 1920s could be a precedent for the Roaring 2020s.

The good news is that the bad news during the previous precedent was followed by the Roaring 20s. So far, the 2020s has started with the pandemic, but there are plenty of years left for the prosperous 1920s to become a precedent for the current decade.

The 1920s ended with a stock-market melt-up followed by a meltdown. The 2020s may already be seeing a melt-up, begun on March 23.

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