‘This is No Longer About George Floyd’: Portland Police Union Boss Claims Elected Officials Are Condoning ‘Destruction and Chaos’

“It is time to stand up.”

by Tim Pearce
Daily Wire

The president of the Portland Police Association ripped elected officials in Oregon for ceding the city’s security to violent rioters and looters.

Portland police union boss Daryl Turner held a press conference in front of the union’s offices in Portland on Sunday, less than a full day after rioters had broken into the building and set fires inside, according to The Oregonian. Video taken after the Saturday night ransacking showed offices strewn with trash and supplies and charred from fires.

“This is no longer about George Floyd. This is no longer about racial equity or social justice. This is no longer about reform or the evolution of policing. This is about violence, rioting, destruction, chaos, anarchy, buildings on fire, dumpsters on fire, broken glass, and damaged businesses,” Turner said.

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