Surprise! They Keep Lying: Some Florida Labs Report 100% of Covid-19 Tests Were Positive

by Mac Slavo

The state of Florida is coming under fire for not disclosing the negative COVID-19 test results. Investigative journalists found that 100% of the tests given came back positive for COVID-19.

Were there any negative tests at all? The mainstream media continues to use the increase in Florida’s coronavirus cases to push the fear narrative, but there’s now reports that some of these numbers are not being calculated accurately. Hundreds of facilities across the state are reporting a 100% positivity rate for COVID-19 test results. That means, every single person who got tested at these hospitals or labs, tested positive, according to My Sun Coast.

We knew they were lying, but the extent the government is going to in order to keep these ridiculous mask laws and lockdowns in place at this point is just plain evil.

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