Junior Gold Sector Best Place to Be Right Now Says Brian Leni

from Mining Stock Education

Brian Leni of JuniorStockReview.com shares that the thesis for investing in gold has never been better. Brian is seeing excellent junior gold stock investment possibilities and he believes that the junior gold sector is the best sector to be in right now. He discusses mergers and acquisitions in the mining sector and what he looks for in a takeover target. Brian also offers his thoughts on the ideal CAPEX raise under $40M for near-term producers. He comments on O3 Mining’s recent $40M raise and the need to find management teams you can trust with your money. Brian also presents his view on the trend of virtual mining investment conferences and its impact on the sector.

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0:00 Introduction

0:55 Merger and acquisition takeover targets

3:43 Ideal Type of <$40M CAPEX financing for near-term producers

6:24 Thoughts on O3 Mining’s $40M financing

9:26 Trusting junior mining management with your money

11:50 Wise for junior miners to excessively cash up now?

14:20 Developing a strong negotiating position as a takeover target

15:16 Leaderless projects

17:43 Junior gold sector best place to be right now

18:48 Virtual conference trend and impact on mining sector