Chicago Police Statistics Destroy Black Lives Matter Narrative

by Parker Beauregard
American Thinker

There is no shortage of activist groups denouncing allegations of police brutality. Sometimes it’s legitimate; every honest person admits that unwarranted acts of violence against undeserving citizens occur. How could they not? There are about 700,00 sworn officers in the United States who make over 50 million contacts with the public every year. The act is getting played out, though, because to suggest that every fatal result is tied to racism or that the actions of a minute few should speak for the entire group is a gross absurdity.

Last week in Chicago, a protest of sorts obediently marched to the tune of hackneyed charges of systemic injustice. The tired narrative droned on about bad policing, police targeting of the black community, and too much jail or prison time. This kept the crowd from considering alternatives to their afternoon work, such as offering a token of gratitude to thankless peacekeepers in their own backyard, the murder capital of America. One wonders if they know that out of the 560 homicides, 475 victims were black, killed not by the police or whites, but by other blacks.

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