All These Major American Companies with Hong Kong Footprints Weighed in on George Floyd’s Death. They Have Nothing to Say About China’s Hong Kong Takeover

The American Chamber of Commerce reported in early July that 76% of its members with operations in Hong Kong were “extremely concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the security law.

by Andrew Kerr

Major American companies were quick to issue statements in support of Black Lives Matter or social justice causes in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, but dozens of those same firms that have operations in Hong Kong have yet to weigh in on the Chinese Communist Party’s de facto takeover of the city.

Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Marriott, McDonalds, Nike and Scholastic are among the dozens of major American companies with footholds in Hong Kong that weighed in after Floyd’s death but have yet to weigh in on the new security law Beijing recently imposed on the city, which impacts its employees working in the city and which critics say is designed to crack down on dissent of the ruling Communist Party.

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