Why One Bank Thinks Retail Euphoria Will “Force the Fed’s Hand” to End the Meltup

from Zero Hedge

You know the euphoria gripping stock markets is off the charts when retail investors have now taken over the market, as we first posted three weeks ago in, “How Retail Investors Took Over The Stock Market” and as Bloomberg repeated today with “Everywhere You Look Under Surging Stocks Is Fervid Retail Buying.” And while there is nothing wrong with a little healthy speculation in a market in which the Fed has eliminated most – if not all – risk, when the frenzied daytrading mob sends the stock of bankrupt Hertz 10x higher on massive volume, pushing its market cap to just shy of $1 billion, it’s becoming a problem for marketplace integrity. After all, everyone remembers the retail infatuation with cryptos in late 2017/early 2018 which pushed bitcoin to $20K only to see the crypto plunging, resulting in massive losses for retail investors.

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