…don’t wait for a loved one to pass before going down memory lane. Do it while they’re still here. Enjoy the memories together. It’s a welcome break from the madness of this current world.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

I’ve certainly had a “period” of reflection this week. While I’m not about to recant the whole story, but because my mom passed away this week, there’s certainly been a lot of pondering, reflection, and yeah, some tears.

I was quite busy this week, as I was sorting through mom’s affairs and contacting the right authorities that she had passed. If you’ve ever done this for someone, the list of things you need to do is extensive. It sure taught me a lesson.

But because I was wrapped up with that, I didn’t have any time to play in the markets. No time to spend hours reading foreign papers, or reading economic releases, etc. And guess what? Despite doing paperwork that was frankly sort of depressing, there was an interesting calm in my mind. Why? Because I wasn’t watching the latest riots. I wasn’t listening to brainwashed reporters trying to stoke up even more racial division. It was… peaceful.

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