Mob Mayhem Without Clear Leadership

by Uldis Sprogis
American Thinker

Historically, Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Ronald Reagan were charismatic leaders who were well educated, principled leaders with a gift for oratory and put America first. Sadly Lincoln, Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were assassinated, and Reagan barely survived an assassination attempt. Today we have the flawed charisma of Trump and no one else in the top levels of the Republican nor Democrat parties with true leadership potential who puts America first.

Most politicians are just establishment hacks with no clear vision of where to lead America and are content with being financed by big money and fear being blacklisted by big tech firms and the dogmatic ideologically driven establishment media. Mob mayhem has currently engulfed America, especially in Democrat cities, and there is no clear leadership except rumors that Marxists are the root cause of the mayhem.

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