Gold Insider is Stashing Coins in Special Place with Prices Surging

by Brian Sozzi
Yahoo! Finance

Gold insider Edmund Moy is all in on gold coins as an investment with prices for the yellow metal on a strong upswing.

And he shared with Yahoo Finance how he is protecting his investment.

“So I keep a little bit. If you buy physical gold you want it portable if you ever wanted to run out of your house you have that. But I also have it stored in my bank safety deposit box, and there are depositories like the one that just opened in the state of Texas that I have some gold in. So I have it diversified just like central banks do. They don’t all keep it in one place, they keep it in places where they can easily trade that gold for other things,” said Moy, who is the former director of the U.S. Mint turn chief strategist at Valaurum, on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

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