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Viewer Submitted Questions:
MsRedneckRebellion?: If the government confiscates gold, will they do it at the treasuries set price of $42 an oz and then raise the price?

Scott S: If you have 50K in savings, should a senior put money into mortgage OR buy precious metals? Already have some (401K and other savings)? No car payment, no credit card bills.?

marcel klein de groot: I saw the movie “The Big Short” yesterday for the 4th time. This is what is happening now! But it is much worse!!!!! What is going to happen?

Brian Jenkins: The American government seized gold, not silver, correct?

Eric Ho: Do you know if the central bank will store silver?

Aaron: ?how does what the Fed is doing relate to what Japan has done since the 80’s, and if it’s similar, will we see similar results?

Paula Johnstone-Whitehawk DNM: How are people supposed to trust and digital dollars when so much fraud happens?

lost collector: Is not the time to spend cash to make cash? Or just in time to invest in metal?

deanbob deanbob: ?If deflation since 2008, why has real estate gone up so much?

Melvin Rowland Jr: re: JP Morgan – will this affect whether markets will stay stagnant with metals with Brian Benckzkowski’s resignation?

edwarddiaz1130: Can I hop on a plane and take my 100K in gold with me?

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