Democrats Opt Out of America’s Comeback | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 897)

from The Daily Wire

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The nation begins to open up and the economy starts to recover as Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and Barack Obama do everything they can to make it stop. Plus, Andrew tells you to remember how people have acted in this time of crisis, because conservative aren’t giving President Donald Trump enough credit. Andrew also discusses why the old phrase “news is always bad news” is now “news is always blame Trump News” and then delves into former President Obama’s latest attempt at smearing President Trump.

Intro: Obama Blames Trump – 0:00
Top Comment – 2:18
The Big Idea: Media Matters goes after Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles and Matt Walsh 2:56
Judge rigs case against girls keeping transgender women out of women’s sports, supports serial killer instead – 7:00
Jake Tapper and media pushing fear and lies over pandemic response –  13:22
The country will open up whether Democrats want it to or not – 21:05
Obama slams Trump, is he getting scared of #Obamagate? – 33:17

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