What a Difference a Day Makes

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

It was only a couple of weeks ago when people were telling Joe Biden quietly how he could end his campaign with dignity. He lost to a gay guy, a devout communist, and a fake Indian. Hang in and win South Carolina, and if Super Tuesday went against him, bow out gracefully.

Behind the curtain, the Democrats were working hard to get Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar to exit by Super Tuesday so Biden would take their votes. They agreed and endorsed Biden. That boosted Biden’s fortunes. Ms. Warren would have no part of that for she saw herself as a viable contender. Bloomberg seems to be on an authoritative ego trip. Bloomberg flailed on the debate stage when he actually had to step out from behind the reputational facade. All the bogus advertisements endorsing the Green Agenda failed with his 2-litre bottle of soda ban. He assumed he could just buy the White House. Thank God his ego got the best of him. So the Billionaire Bloomberg on Wednesday dropped out of the Democratic presidential race and plans to endorse former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Only when he began to see his reputation was being destroyed did he change his mind.

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