We Need to Talk About Event 201 and the Covid-19 Predictive Programming Campaign

from Press For Truth

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We are truly living in unprecedented times, but does any of this seem oddly familiar? The mass quarantines, a virus run amok, martial law, etc etc it almost seems like we’re living out a scary movie or a global crises scenario! As it turns out that’s exactly the case because what we’re seeing today was already shown in a production produced by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation called “Event 201” where they show a scenario of a global coronavirus pandemic and it precisely shows back in October of 2019 exactly how things are playing today right before our very eyes. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Jason Bermas about Event 201, what it is, who the key players are, how “they” see all this playing out and why it was shown to the public in the first place.

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