This is How Things Are About to Get a Lot Worse

from Avi Yemini

Today, we’ve officially gone into lockdown; in this video, I want to talk to you about the economic implications this has on everyone.

Hours before the shutdown took effect; my phone was inundated with messages from mates who own gyms and pubs who are in shock, who don’t know how they’re suddenly going to provide for their families.

It is a freaking scary time. Not even because of the virus, but because most people will suddenly be out of work.

This morning there were huge lines at every Centrelink across our state – which to be honest kinda defeats the whole shutdown purpose. Why Centrelink hasn’t streamlined their process online, at this time, makes no sense to me. But that’s a separate issue.

The fact so many people are in line for government handouts on day-one of phase-one of this shutdown gives you an idea of where we’re heading.

I am not against the government, giving extra help to people who have always contributed by working or running a business.

I do have a problem with yesterday’s announcement that the government will also pay a bonus $7,500 to dole bludgers who have never worked.

Let’s be honest; we have a welfare problem in our country. I don’t think we should be rewarding people who have never paid a cent of tax. Their welfare shouldn’t be cut, but for god’s sake, don’t give them another incentive never to join the workforce.

I understand the government’s rationale, give it to the bums who never have and will never get a job because they live from welfare check to the next and they’ll spend it immediately. It’s a guaranteed way to boost the economy.

But the thing is, there are enough newly desperate Aussies who have always done the right thing and worked hard. Give them the money. They will also spend it immediately, but unlike the bums, not on drugs or who knows what, they’ll spend it to put food on their families table.

Another thing we need to consider is to date, approx 15,000 people have died of Coronavirus (that we know of). In the same period approx, 150,000 people have killed themselves, and that’s before everyone lost their jobs.

Mark my words, Suicide is going to have a far higher mortality rate than this bloody virus. Please look out for everyone you love. And if you need help, talk to someone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The fact is people are going to get desperate, and besides for suicides, violent crime will also rise. That’s just what happens. So, prepare to protect yourselves and your families because this is dangerous, uncharted territory we’re heading for.

And that’s just the by-product of this freaking Wuhan-virus.

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