Mommy, Mommy Help Us!

by Karl Denninger

Oh this is rich….

(CNN)I live in Kirkland, Washington, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in our nation. As of Friday, 11 people have died in or near Kirkland and we still don’t know the full breadth of the threat or the response needed due to the botched testing rollout and lack of resources.

Whine whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch bitch after working for decades to thwart cooperation with the federal government in matters that directly relate to this sort of thing, such as illegal invaders, people ****ting on the sidewalk, importing huge numbers of Chinese and Indian citizens via H1bs (and where did this originate?), all the “wunderkind” companies that have offshored huge numbers of jobs to said nations (gee, that doesn’t have people going back and forth into SeaTac from those places, does it?) and more.

Ms. Woke now suddenly gets a bit of the wages of said actions over the last couple of decades, her own state and local governments sit on the problem at the nursing home until it literally blows out the *******s of residents as they expire and now she screams for “heeeeeeelp!”

Well cry me a ****ing river.

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