Good Morning and Welcome to the Crash

by Karl Denninger

Well Mr. Trump I hope you like losing in November.

You deserve it since you hitched your entire Presidency to the stock market, and guess what — it’s collapsing. In fact, ain’t it funny that the last 1,000 points of the S&P, which takes us back all the way to the end of 2017, have disappeared in days?

The DOW is back to where it was in August of 2018.

You should have locked the border under your broad immigration authority in January. Now you’re ****ed because the virus is here, it’s in the community, and instead of mitigating the impact you imported it. Suck a goat and reap the whirlwind, sir!

The problem, as I noted back at the time, is that any politician who does that proactively, which was the right thing to do, and then has the outbreak be minimal or not real serious, loses his or her job.

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