Coronavirus Lockdown! Now It Gets Tough

Facing the hard realities of mandatory sheltering-in-place

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

With millions now living under home lockdown (or as it’s more gently referred to, “mandatory sheltering in place”) the serious reality of the coronavirus’ impact is sinking in.

Confined to remaining in your home, squeezed in with family members, can be frustrating and stressful. Especially if you’re watching your savings vaporize in the markets on a daily basis.

On top of that, many households aren’t receiving income while under lockdown. And many of those still employed are increasingly fearful that the longer this persists, the more likely their job will be lost in the coming mass layoffs.

The key to preserving your happiness and sanity during this undetermined period of house arrest will be maintaining your emotional resilience, as well as healthy relationships with those living under your roof.

With expert guidance on how to do that, Chris takes time in today’s video update to interview Dr. Peter Boghossian, author of the best-selling book How To Have Impossible Conversations.

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