Are People Basically Good? (Fireside Chat Ep. 124)

from PragerU

They may be the two most important questions one can ask: Are people basically good? And how do you make good people? In other words, is the ultimate goal of parenting to raise children to be good rather than merely to feel good? Don’t miss the special video question with Candace Owens!

0:00 Otto’s Sidekick
0:37 An Idea Has To Be Good For Everyone
1:57 Are People Basically Good?
4:10 Why Is This An Important Question?
5:05 How Do You Make Good People?
5:34 The Left’s Disconnect
7:22 When There Are Good People
9:05 Teaching Your Kids To Be Good
10:19 Marriage Advice For Candace Owens
12:07 Be Easy-Going
14:40 A Way To Resolve Issues
16:23 Monty Python’s Cultural Relevance
18:02 Existential Threats Or Hysteria?
19:37 How Buddhism Changed Dennis’s Life
23:35 A Story On Expectations
25:55 Overview Of The U.S. Election System
30:20 Thanks For Watching