The 2020s: A Peek at the Decade Ahead (Part 2)

The 2020s could be a time of cooperation. A time of community building. A time of casting off hierarchies and the tyranny of authority. Or it could be the last gasp before the descent down the slope toward total tyranny.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

Last week in these pages we looked at the ways in which the 2020s are likely to be shaped by the billionaire charlatans of the tech world. From the transhumanism being pushed by the Zuckerbergs and Musks and Kurzweils of the world to the weaponization of space (which is being obscured by space tourism and flashy space exploration ventures), the decade is likely to be dominated by the same players before . . . only on a much, much larger scale.

But wait, that’s not all! In fact, the transhuman experiment and the trillion dollar space economy doesn’t even begin to touch on the next great economic transformation that is forecast to take place in the next 10 years. What am I talking about? . . .

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