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Question 1. WS: If the US economy, US financial economy, and FX economy are built on the US dollar (the Reserve-currency), would it be logical to assume that during the next crisis the dollar will go up significantly, first —even for a time? As the world, either by policy mandates or on a ‘run-for-safety’, clings to its reserve-fiat-currency (dollar), wouldn’t this increase its demand (ex: QE) and notional value?
Question 2. Morten S: If the United States, and other large countries that has been accumulating gold the last few years, decide to “hit the reset button” and go back to a gold standard, what will happen to the remaining fiat currencies of the countries with little to no gold reserve? And is this a plausible scenario considering they would have to default on a lot of debt?
Question 3. Alexander F: If stocks are purchased via brokerage such as e*trade, td ameritrade, etc., and are held on a brokerage account are they subject to bail-ins as well?
Question 4. Mocha T: instead of placing your money in a bank, put your money in a brokerage account because they are “transaction” only firms, they don’t speculate, don’t have derivatives and do not lend money against real estate. Do you think this is a valid strategy?
Question 5. James R: Who will control the reset? -governments or central banks?


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