The Left’s 2019 Legacy: Down With OK, Up With Library Drag Queens

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Andrew Moran via,

As the new year comes around, it’s a perfect time to look at what legacies we leave behind us. What glories of the past year can we proudly point out to friends and family? What milestones in our journey can we single out and say “that’s what got me here”? Here we present a few of the more prominent milestones and markers of the political left on their own journey of discovery through 2019.

I’ve Got The (White) Power

Did you know that if you flash the OK finger gesture, you are really asking, “Where’s the nearest Klan meeting?” Yep. Anytime someone gives you the OK sign that person is conveying to you a clandestine message that you belong to a brotherhood of white supremacy culture. Well, at least that is the paranoia emanating from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which updated its list of hate symbols. What was a seemingly innocuous gesture that dates back to 18th-century Britain has now metastasized into a symbol that has leftists clutching their pearls and searching for the nearest hate crime officer to file a complaint of racism.

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