Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Hiding in Dark Pools of Self-Deception, Misery and Pride

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Stocks rebounded today on a resurgence of risk-seeking.

The Dollar and the precious metals, along with the VIX, were lower.

The poor economic data from this morning was set aside with fresh rumours, for the hundredth time, of striking progress in the US-China trade talks.

As a reminder there will be the Non-Farm Payrolls report on Friday.

Outrage over the petty and careless and foolish things that other people do can be like a narcotic. It can become a preoccupation with the imperfections of others, so that we can look down on them, and thereby feel so much better about ourselves. Thank God that we are better, the most worthy, and not like them. We are special— exceptionally gifted, and especially deserving of favor.

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