Eric Hadik – Startling Mideast Prediction

from Financial Survival Network

We’ve been connecting with Eric Hadik now since 2015. When it comes to calling the gold cycle, few people have been as accurate as Erik Hadik during the last few years. Now he believes that the yellow metal is poised to go much higher between now and Q1 2018. Stocks still have some way to go, but the Dow Transports peaked in mid-October and this could confirm that a multi-month top could be in place. Eric made a call concerning Middle East turbulence. And sure enough we’ve just seen a major upset in the Saudi Royal Family. What does that mean for the future? This could be his most surprising and important call yet. Could a Muslim unification be coming in 2018-2021? Multiple attempts have been made, but to date they’ve all failed. This will be much more significant.

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